Thursday, February 19, 2015

♥The Bad Omen on Writing Reviews♥

In a world where people are constantly interconnected with their ability to broadcast their opinions and thoughts, we find ourselves at a standstill where giving a bad review is often seen as something more than a sin. Something mean or just done out of spite. Lately, I've seen how more and more friends are plagued by trolls or criticized because their opinion is not the same as the masses. 

Here's the thing. 
When did having an opinion, be it bad or good, become an opening to be ridiculed or backlashed?
You see, there's this little thing called Freedom of Speech where it states that: 
"everyone will have the right to hold opinions without interference and this shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds."
Now, I'm not saying free speech means careless or thoughtless chit chat. It's not a opening to talk without reason or justification. It's not an excuse to trash someone despite their work being garbage. So NO,  I don't approve of reviews bad mouthing an author or  attacking their personal lives when the reader does not agree with the book. But this goes both ways because I, in no way, condone an author denigrating a reviewer for not liking their book. And then there are author's following fanatics who take it upon themselves to deprecate every review-and reviewer- that doesn't meet their standards on how awesome the book was.  I mean, I'm pretty sure we're all adults, even though some refuse to act like it.

I, for one, write bad reviews. I'm one of those who wholeheartedly believe that bad reviews are what make you grow as an author. If everyone only complemented you, how would you know what it is you need to fix to become better or great, for that matter. 
“You will thank me one day for not filling your head with false compliments. Adversity teaches one more than flattery ever will.”  
-Rachel E. Carter

A bad review is not the end of the world. But how you respond to it might be. This is the thing most people don't understand. What makes books big with a shitload of buyers isn't the publicity done by authors, companies, or marketing agents. I mean it helps, but we all know how misleading those are most of the time for they have something to gain. What makes books noteworthy are the comments and praises REVIEWERS give it. I can't begin to count the books I've read just based on recommendations from reviews, BE IT BAD OR GOOD. Because yes, I've read books with immeasurable amounts of bad reviews just to see if it's all really true and surprise, surprise, ended up loving it. Perfect Example: Beautiful Disaster. Yes, I loved that sucker.
I mean I know it's all great and dandy when you receive a 5 star review but I don't see people high-fiving every single one of them. So why must we insist on attacking the negative ones. The same goes for trolls. 

Like I mentioned before, I write bad reviews. Not only for the author but for the buyers. The readers. I, for one, can't keep it to myself if something sucked. No can do. It's physically impossible. I feel the need to express why I hate it so, and I always take it upon myself to be honest and fair. I don't rate something badly unless it merits to do so. Bad writing, useless characters, awful grammar, plotless, demeaning female leads, misleading blurbs, horrendous dialogue, among other things. And still these are things I can overlook when they're not all present at the same time. But if a book  just sucks man. That's it. 

Now, as for reading negative reviews on books I loved. This is something I thrive on. I adore reading distinct opinions on books, cause let's be honest, if everyone felt the same way what would be the point of Goodreads? It's sole purpose is to discuss our favorite and least favorite book. It's a place where we can be honest to a fault and find others who share our opinion. A place to find people across the world who share the same passion as you do for reading. A setting that feels comfortable and enjoyable.  The problem is lately it's been anything but. Now on every corner all we see is author drama, people bashing people with different opinions, insults thrown around with no thoughts on who they might offend. I mean in all honesty, I love books-God knows I do- but it's a fucking book. Pieces of papers stuck together by glue and a cover. What the hell is wrong with us when even in something as simple and enjoyable as reading we're able to find something to bitch about. 

People it is called an opinion! The very definition means it's subjective.

In my case, unless it's from a friend that has tastes similar to mine, I don't take 5 star reviews to heart. As a customer, I don't read good reviews. Honestly, I rarely do.  When I'm looking for a book, I go on Goodreads and press the filter button to only see the 1 and 2 star ratings. Good reviews are everywhere but the bad ones are what lead me to buy a book. Besides only seeing good reviews is suspicious and unnatural. It's also a lie.

So my point to this never ending post?

A review is a subjective opinion. If someone buys something with their hard earned money they have the right to not like it, hate it, or not piss on it if it is on fire. It is not a reason for people to rally up and start a fight. It's not a reason to point fingers and talk jack.
If not then what the heck is the point?

♥Next Talking Thursday post: March 5♥
♥Until next time♥

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