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♥The Mistake♥


He’s a player in more ways than one…
College junior John Logan can get any girl he wants. For this hockey star, life is a parade of parties and hook-ups, but behind his killer grins and easygoing charm, he hides growing despair about the dead-end road he’ll be forced to walk after graduation. A sexy encounter with freshman Grace Ivers is just the distraction he needs, but when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away, Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he’s worth a second chance.
Now he’s going to need to up his game…
After a less than stellar freshman year, Grace is back at Briar University, older, wiser, and so over the arrogant hockey player she nearly handed her V-card to. She’s not a charity case, and she’s not the quiet butterfly she was when they first hooked up. If Logan expects her to roll over and beg like all his other puck bunnies, he can think again. He wants her back? He’ll have to work for it. This time around, she’ll be the one in the driver’s seat…and she plans on driving him wild.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Unlike everyone else I personally disliked The Deal. So much so that it was only two months ago I had read it and had to reread it again (at least a couple of chapters) just to refresh my mind cause all I remembered was jack squat. Suffice to say, I didn't really come here with high expectations. And in all honestly I'm starting to think that's the way I should approach books. Expect the worst so you'll be pleasantly surprised when they rock and not leave utterly devastated when they suck (which happens more times than not).

I'm not saying this book is perfect but it's kinda glorious in all it's flaws.   Funny thing is I can't really pinpoint what I loved best, besides Logan. I mean, I think I liked Garrett's and Hannah's banter better-much better-but Logan and Grace just worked, you know? They were funny as hell and sexy as fuck. I think it was in my last review where I said sex talk is not my thing. Well, Logan gets a frickin pass cause every time he opened his mouth to say something I couldn't help but wish he was working his magic my way.

What I really loved was that they had a life outside their romance. We got to see friends and family. We saw they had goals and dreams. Also their struggles and difficulties really hit me. I was moved by the alcoholism and the  BFF drama really hit close to home so for a very rare instance I was able to actually relate to the female lead. She got brownie points for that.

Now, It did bother me in the beginning cause I'm pretty sure that was insta-love...or was it? First time I'm really confused about it.  But I guess somehow the author made it work cause it didn't leave me bristling every time they got all loveyduby.

And the greatest thing that could ever happen was absolute absence, I REPEAT, ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of slut-shamming. Every time there was an opening it's like the author read our mind and said let me show them readers women don't need to be trash talked to make a better story line. And I loved her for it. After reading lately so many books where women are called sluts for basically doing the same thing as a guy you can't even begin to imagine the relief and freaking pride when you read a book where a woman isn't judged by by the clothes she wears or the amount of guys she sleeps with.

So, I'm done rambling. Just know this book is pretty awesome.

Also, I'm excited as heck as to see who Dean is gonna end up with :D

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