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Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my blog :D

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I never really know what to say in these things. It always feels like a job interview, so I may be a bit random. Bear with me.

My name's Melissa. I'm currently in my 20s. Who would have guessed, right? Me and my timeless beauty. I tease. Maybe. I'm currently living in Puerto Rico (it's that little speck of land in the Caribbean) but originally from Dominican Republic(it's a larger speck). I guess living in an island has it's perks. Beach all year round!

I'm Jesuscentric. Firm believer of Christ.

Now, as to why we are all here. Books. Could have sworn it was the devil's gift to make us all suffer throughout school. Obviously, I was dead wrong. I actually read my first book-at least willingly- after I had gone to watch Twilight with a friend. There she told me that the movie was in faact based on a series of books that were all the rave. To be honest I just read them so I could picture Robert Pattinson. So in the span of two weeks I read the complete Twilight Saga and then saw the Harry Potter series and thought "Why not?". After that I hadn't picked up a book up until after I graduated med school. Had no time, no life, The Catching Fire movie release was what pulled me back into reading and I guess I haven't stopped since. Now, not a day goes by without me peeking into a book. 

I'm a reviewer in NetGalley.
I'm also a e-book fanatic. I'm not a big fan of paperbacks or hardcovers. I hate dusting the shelves. Yes, I'm that lazy. On occasion I could listen to audiobooks but I feel that just takes away valuable time. I can read faster. Also I suck at finishing series. The last book is always a chore, no matter how awesome the series was. I usually just finish them in buddy reads. So much easier when you have someone motivate you to keep in going. 

As to genres, it's usually by phases. When I started reading in 2013 I was really into urban fantasy. Then that got old and I fell in love with contemporary romances. Then it was dystopians, and then epic fantasy. Now I just fluctuate between everything, so I won't get bored. I tend to avoid non fiction cause in all honesty I really don't need more doses of reality. Give me fiction any day of the week!

What else? 

I suck at sports. Like, royally suck. I have no hand foot coordination, I kid you not, non whatsoever. I tried soccer once, made my mom buy me all the gear. Didn't last a month. Then I tried volleyball. Didn't make the team. Tried swimming, can't even float. Tried track, LOL. So yeah, I'll probably never be an athlete.

I do think shopping should be considered a sport, though. I'd win gold in that one but I'd probably go broke too. 

I like watching movies, binging series on Netflix, day naps, cooking-not that I''m great at it-on occasion, an a lot of other good stuff that refuse to come to mind at the moment. 

So I guess that's enough about me. Any questions or if you just want to talk feel free to ask away!


  1. Haha, made me laugh!

    1. Yay! Glad I could make you smile random reader :P

  2. Hey, Melissa! I tagged you! That means you have to answer some fun questionnaire! xD You can see the full questionnaire here: Questionaire Book Tag. Looking forward to be reading your answers! Have fun! :D

    1. Cool!!! Thanks Azee! I'll get right on it :P

  3. Melissa, I nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers Award because I really do love your reviews (and you have awesome taste in book boyfriends) <3, here are the rules: https://rachelcarterauthor.wordpress.com/blog/ -Rachel


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