Friday, January 30, 2015

♥Friday Finds♥

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Friday Finds unveils the books you "found" and added to your Goodreads list-be it on Goodreads itself, at the library, in a bookstore, or even your friend's bookshelf. It can be new, old, used, borrowed; doesn't matter! You found it, let me hear  about it :)

The New:

These are the new titles I found this week. 

1. Trade Me by Courtney Milan

2. Sacrificed: The Last Oracle by Emily Wibberley (February release)

3. Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin

The Old:

These are the old titles I found. By old, I mean they were released months or years ago.

1. Sora's Quest by T.L Shreffler

2. Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione

3. Fire Test by Tamora Pierce

Well, I'll have to thank my Goodreads friends for these. All of them were titles they were currently reading. Seriously, what would I do without Goodreads?

So what were your finds this week?

♥Until next time♥


  1. OMG you have not started a Larissa Ione novel yet! You are missing out. But one thing I will warn you is that if you start Eternal Rider, yes it is the first book in the Lords of deliverance series but it is the sixth book in the Demonica series. I would suggest starting with Pleasure Unbound which is the first book in the demonica series because if you start with the other book it starts off in a war and if you haven't read the other books you don't know how they got to the war or what made it happen which is explained in the demonica series. Also there are characters that carry over and you should know who they are and what there part is in the war or what not from the previous books.

    1. haha, yes this will be my first. I kinda added it on a whim but I'll be checking out her Demonica series. They actually sounds really interesting :)


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